Zoom Scarf 100%Silk Dis02 Sealife in the Gulf of Gaeta

Scarf 100%Silk Dis02 Sealife in the Gulf of Gaeta


A great gift idea to give or to give ourself is the square Scarf in Twill's Pure Silk with fake hand hem of the eco sustainable brand Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories silk scarves inspired by the species of butterflies present in the Terra Aurunca

The Sea02 exclusive design of the Sealife series in the Gulf of Gaeta is inspired by the Pelagia Noctiluca living in the sea of our Terra Aurunca (in the lower Lazio) and by the reworking of its extraordinary texture.

Sealife in the Gulf of Gaeta was born from the meeting with the marine biologist and journalist from Gaeta, Adriano Madonna, who provided us photos and knowledge to better understand and share in our fashion style, the richness and beauty of our marine heritage, all to be safeguarded!


The word Pelagia means ''of the sea'', the term nocti means night and luca stands for light. The name therefore indicates the jellyfish's ability to glow in the dark. In fact, when she is touched or tickled, she emits beams of greenish light.

Available in a unique variant, it represents a sea of energy with its colors! 

  • Lay the Scarf on an undated floor
  • Avoid contact with chemicals, avoid spray perfumes directly on the garment
  • For washing, consult a professional

Size: cm 90 x 90

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Scarf 100%Silk Dis02 Sealife in the Gulf of Gaeta