Who Are We

—Lisa Tibaldi Grassi fashion designer official photo

Roman stylist and designer, Lisa Tibaldi Grassi for several years he held the role of Creative Director in elegant women's companies in Italy and Spain, designing and coordinating different collections. Thanks to his excellent knowledge of English, French and Spanish, he was able to work with international teams, personally managing relations with productions relocated abroad.
—It still is external consultant of Italian companies of elegant woman, specialize especially in modeling Curvy.
- For years he has chosen to return to his homeland where he works in the’Atelier by Santi Cosma and Damiano creating high fashion and bridal sartorial dresses.

the italian fashion designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi at the Monte Carlo Fashion Week

—Since 2008 he is present with numerous publications in the most prestigious magazines such as Vogue Bride, Sposabella, She, Marie Claire; in 2013 she was invited to close the Monte Carlo Fashion Fair, he dressed the orchestra and choir of the Sanremo Festival and since 2014 he has been hosting successful national television shows such as"Men and women», «Temptation Island» «Temptation Island Vip»on Channel 5 and the change of look of "Detto fatto" on Rai 2.
- The stylist also makes a series of video tutorials on her channel YouTube Lisa Tibaldi with over 50,000 views.

Show Plot Aurunca... Emotions and creativity of a territory conceived and realized by the designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi in collaboration with the Parco dei Monti Aurunci at the Museo della Civiltà in Rome in 2017

—Since 2015 she was engaged in the project Trama Aurunca Emoz emotions and creativity of a territory that has seen it's creator and protagonist, in collaboration with the Ente Parco Naturale dei Monti Aurunci, an itinerant exhibition dedicated to the “Stramma” (dialect term that indicates a spontaneous plant local formerly used for basketwork), to its traditional working-and, above all, its revaluation in a modern taste of Fashion. Exhibition that had as an exceptional location, among others, the prestigious Museum of Civilizations - Popular Arts and traditions of Rome.

Sculptural dresses made of Stramma by the designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi in collaboration with the Parco dei Monti Aurunci for the Trama Aurunca exhibition... Emotions and creativity of a territory

- From the critical and public success achieved by the exhibition Trama Aurunca Emoz emotions and creativity of a territory, the stylist Lisa Tibaldi Grassi in 2018 decided to found a creative start - up with an evocative name My Land, dedicated to the production of Eco-friendly women's fashion accessories, a traditional craftsmanship of excellence with a strong territorial connotation, aimed at an international luxury market .
- Complicit and stimulus for the creation of this Start Up participation in the call Creativity Fund 2018 promoted by Region Lazio and Lazio Innova, which, although young, but strong of a thirty-year know-how of the designer, the company My Land have win
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia wins the Fondo della Creatività 2018 Call of Lazio Region and Lazio Innova


- The company got the scope recognition of Enterprise sign in the regional register of artistic and traditional crafts.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia is registered in the regional Register of Lazio of artistic and Traditional Crafts

- For the territorial, ethical, eco-sustainable , artistic and traditional value, Terra Mia has also obtained the recognition of Patronage free of charge of important local authorities: the Aurunci Mountains Regional Park, the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Parkand at XVII Mountain Community of the Aurunci Mountains.