#AmolamiaTerra Eco-sustainability at the time of the Coronavirus

A'ecosystem that is slowly trying to find a lost balance due to the work of man ...
The clearest waters, cleaner air, wild animals out and about even in large cities, these are the proven and visible effects of the pandemic on the entire planet.
Stopping theMan the normal cycle of the Nature it re-establishes itself.
A new threat, however, has materialized and is taking the lion's share these days: how to dispose of personal protective equipment, used daily, when they have become waste?

#Amolamiaterra Eco-sustainability in the time of Coronavirus News Blog Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia

Unfortunately, the images that come to us these days speak very clearly of quantities of gloves and plastic masks abandoned in the street, in parks and, even more serious and sad, at sea,
Disposable gloves and masks are made of plastic, absolutely non-biodegradable and non-reconvertible, with a high polluting impact. "You must demonstrate that you are also responsible for the management of personal protective equipment, which must be disposed of correctly and not dispersed in nature"this is the warning expressed by Donatella Bianchi,president of WWF Italy.
#Amolamiaterra Eco-sustainability in the time of Coronavirus News Blog Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia
Unfortunately for gloves there are no alternative solutions that, instead, there are for masks. Always prefer devices non-disposable personal protection, Reusable filter masks, sanitizable.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia that made of #Amolamiaterra the common thread of all its production, even in the conversion of its production is always attentive to the environment. In fact, it is also producing masks in organic cotton, eco-sustainable 100% reusable, for both adults and children aged 6 to 12, even customizable.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra MiaàmolamiaTerra reusable organic cotton filter masks made in Italy water repellent eco-sustainable fashion sustainable fashion
An extra attention to the rampant problem of pollution, of plastic in the seas, a scourge of modern civilization, of our century!
Safety first of all, but also the care for our Planet is of fundamental importance, essential because ...
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news #AmolamiaTerra eco-sustainability at the time of the coronavirus organic cotton filter masks made in Italy company conversion


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