#AmolamiaTerra Stories of Inspired and Inspiring Men: Pasquale Mattej

It is a deep feeling what binds every man to the own roots, that often exceeds the territorial and temporal border. To the visceral love for ourAurunca Land, the works of one of his most emeritus representatives are dedicated:Pasquale Mattej.

Born in Formia in 1813 to the family of Barons Mattej, he was Man cultured and Multifaceted. Archaeologist, painter, historiographer, journalist, writer, he spent his life among researches, studies and publications in particular on the Aurunco territory between Formia, Ponza, Ventotene and Scauri. His numerous articles in the magazine of the time "Picturesque Poliorama" with passionate and in-depth description of the history and conformation of these fascinating and enchanted places; but also important testimonies about the popular culture of the time. His sketches of the hairstyles and jewels of the people of the time are kept, together with some manuscripts, maps and other sketches on the finds of Roman works, in the Vallicelliana Library in Rome and are still the subject of study and in-depth study.

Pasquale Mattej studies popular female hairstyles of the time

"A passionate man and attentive connoisseur of the history of our places, he represents an important heritage of our Earth and a great source of inspiration" commented Lisa Tibaldi Grassi explaining the partnership that came to be created between the designer and the event"Rhapsodie at the Park" of theNextAugust 25organized by the Ulysses Riviera Parkand housed in the suggestive archaeological area of Gianola in Formia

Official poster "Rhapsodie at the Park" with Lisa TIbaldi Grassi

#AmolamiaTerra it's certainly the feeling that inspired then Pasquale Mattej in the search for a timely and faithful historical narrative of his land of origin.
#AmolamiaTerra it is the feeling that inspires today theBrand Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miain the creation of hiscollections, strongly territorial, of Eco-sustainable women's fashion accessories, here is explained the reason for the liaison!

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