Black Friday coming up and Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia presents her VIP LIST!

The new frontier of shopping passes through the web, given the historic moment in which we live because of the pandemic.
One of the most expected dates of all the shops addicted to fatigue is approaching BLACK FRIDAYthat this year is the 27 November 2020.
Lisa Tibaldi Earth My Blog News Black friday approaches
In view of this unpredictable annual meeting Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia has decided to create a real VIP LIST for new and old customers, but especially for those who share the Vision of the brand made of creativity, craftsmanship, eco-sustainability and beauty.
A dedicated and reserved area where, with a simple registration, you can access a number of exclusive advantages and reserved previews.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra My Blog News Black Friday approaches and Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia presents the VIP LIST
Not the usual boring monotonous newsletter that, frankly, we all archive or throw directly at every arrival in our mail.
Brand has always taken care of its customers with a great deal of attention; this is why VIP LIST : for all subscribers within the 26th of Novembera reserved discount of 30% on collections Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miato be used not only for Black Friday Day, but exclusively,for the whole weekend of the black friday.
From 27 to 29th November,three unforgettable days of luxury shopping.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia creates official account page to subscribe to the VIP List
You can sweep from the lines of Bijoux. Eco-sustainable, obtained from the leaves ofTight and precious from elements of gold and silver toFoulard.made of pure silk, 100% Made in Italy.
Lisa Tibaldi Earth My eco-friendly fashion accessories Foulard and Bijoux handmade
Important attention at this time of extreme criticality for all, especially for those who are forced to face entire days between the home walls, in order to bring the glamour, fashion and eco-friendly universe of Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia at everyone's house, with a simple click.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra My packaging
A precious gift to receive or to give that represents excellence, uniqueness and craftsmanship of the Lazio territory.
To bring you into the world Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, know its spirit, share its vision.

VIP LISTYeah. Only for those who appreciate...

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