Body Positive: imperfect is beautiful, let's learn to enhance it!

Modern society is the Society of appearance, where we are bombarded daily by aesthetic canons to follow, to envy, to emulate.
Vanessa Met naked on the cover of Vanity Fairand Arisa in his post on social media bring to the fore thea philosophy for which we must accept ourselves as we are, even if imperfect, because even "imperfect is beautiful”.
Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia Blog News Vanessa Incontrata su Vanity Fair e Arisa sui social con il # Bodypositive il
During the just concluded Fashion Week, the model Ashley Graham veiled dressed on the catwalk of Cleave, or Precious Lee on that of Versace, they represented the triumph of inclusivity,customs clearance of new beauty canons.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News # Bodypositive in fashion weeks by Fendi and Versace curvy models on the catwalk
Without being obsessedfrom the body, a real battle against the body shaming, that is, any form of bullying against the body and its forms, so always sadly in vogue.
To be able to accept their flaws and, indeed, to value them and transform them into a real personal distinctive character requires character and, above all, a lot of self-irony, a bit like Mafalda (whose creator Quino has recently passed away) who manages with a few jokes to make us smile and reflect.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News # Bodypositive Mafalda and the physical

But how to be able in practice to enhance our physicality? Following the stylist's advice Lisa Tibaldi Grassi,who, in this regard, has made a series of tutorials on his channel YouTube Lisa TIbaldi , with which, you can achieve excellent results, keeping in mind some fundamental principles, while choosing our outfit:

  • according to its own conformation (and we don't necessarily talk about size) there are lines and most suitable models to focus on;
  • the choice of color which alone can help sensibly to enhance eyes, complexion and hair color;
  • the choice ofAccessory it is crucial to impart character to an outfit and often helps us to create a "focus point", to highlight an area for US strategic, distracting from other.
Among the Bijoux: we wear an important earring if we want to keep the attention to the face, a necklace with pendant if vice versa we enhance the décolleté, bracelet or ring are useful to create attraction towards the hands, but also a Scarf it can be useful both worn (at the neck, at the waist as a belt, on the hair) and above all as a complement to an accessory: for example as an ornament to "modernize" a bag and make it more original, creating an enlivened weave of fabric and colors.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog News eco-friendly fashion accessories Made in Italy Luxury brand

For a look to be really successful, however, continues the designer Sud pontina, there must be Harmony: our outfit must respect and enhance our physicality, but above all it must make us feel comfortable, while respecting our character and our personality.

Whythere are no “bodies " but only people!!!


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