Fire danger returns: Fashion & Fashion to protect the environment

Every year with the arrival of the summer season, the problem of fires is back in the news.
We must therefore avoid the risk of yet another summer of fire.
With the effects ofclimate change in this way, it becomes crucial to set up mechanisms for the prevention and protection of The Italian forest heritage, above all, given the malicious nature of many of these.

Several Mayors of the Municipalities of Lazio have already signed the ordinances relating to theprevention measures related to the risk of forest fires during the summer, that will be in effect From 15 June to 30 September next, with a decalogue of very strict and restrictive prohibitions.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news forest fires crowdfunding campaign

Protection and protection of the environment, eco-sustainability and green mood these are the guidelines of this pandemic 2020.

There are many companies that have made eco-sustainability their modus operandi and that have even converted their original productions to support the Covid 19 Emergency.Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, was born as an eco-sustainable company of fashion accessories of high craftsmanship Made in Italy since 2018, and precisely because of its Vision, promotes and supports the territory, its origins, its Aurunca Land.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Terra Aurunca landscape crowdfunding

On March 8, 2020, with the launch of the site, theCampaign ofCrowdfundingin collaboration with theWWF Littoral Laziothen postponed, cause lockdown, with which Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miait would have supported, with part of the proceeds, projects related to fire prevention, the protection and restoration of forests.


The27 June at 11.00 am

In Ribaud Hall of the Commune of Formia

will be held the Press Conference live Facebook

of the Campaign of Crowdfunding


 Becausewe are not just words...

because you can make a contribution to eco-sustainability even by choosing Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia fashion accessories!



 Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Luxury Brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories made in Italy launches crowdfunding campaign in favor of WWF Italia lazio coast for fire prevention and restoration of forest areas from 27 June at 11 am




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