Corporate Christmas Gifts: gadgets and new needs

The holiday period is approaching and with him a series of undeniable questions: what will this Christmas 2020? How are we going to pass it and, above all, what to give?
And while the questions may seem rhetorical, many companies, given the period of crisis and analyzing the needs of the moment, are having a real reversal of the trend about the Christmas Gift, focusing, above all, on their functionality and utility.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra My Blog News Christmas Corporate Gadgets
We therefore focus on useful and usable gifts and gadgets, also coming out of the usual discounted and serial Christmas gifts, which turn out to be outdated.
Archived at the moment agendas, both for a particular attention to the ecology and the necessary environment and because modern technology has practically supplanted them everywhere, eliminated pens, given that almost all workers have been operating in smart working for months, the corporate gadget adapts to the needs of this anomalous and unfortunate year, also in light of the latest DPCM.
Christmas Gift useful and indispensable then also for the CompaniesThe Bodies and for holders of Vat.
Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia blog news Christmas gift company: gadgets and new needs
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, in line with the new decrees, which require the use offilter masks even outdoors, has created a dedicated line3-layerin hydrophobic TNT or surgical antibacterial water-repellent cotton, with an internal filter of 50gr., for the use of the Community, all washable and reusable, in the tadults and children 6-12 years old, certain(pursuant to art.16, paragraph 2 of the D.L. of 17/03/2020.
All models are Customizable with logo print in various colors,bagged individually adaptable to the needs of individuals or companies so that it is not just a simple gadget, but a useful device for our health and that of the whole community.

To the companies concerned, the brand has also dedicated an email address to request quotes and data sheets: 

To live in harmony and above all in total safety, pwhy on never as in this Christmas that's coming the watchword will bebe careful.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news Christams corporate gifts: masks to be careful





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