From the Ephemeral to the Primary - Fashion at the time of the Coronavirus

Fashion is the ephemeral symbol par excellence. With its seasonality, its moods, its whims, for many it represents the empty and the superfluous.
This "superfluous" applies to Italy about 71.7 billion a year and involves very different production realities: from industrial centers to small artisan shops. Unifying elements of an I.talian Fashion System so inhomogeneous they are: the creative ability, the versatility, the quality of productions who have made of Made in Italy aexcellence in the world.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra MIa Blog News Fashion at the time of the Coronavirus Made in Italy
Today maybe the Versatility it is the dowry that most represents the Italian Fashion System. At a time like this, where theCovid-19 emergency has destabilized our country in a violent way, that's it the Ephemeral becomes Primary with the ability to change, adapt briefly to new needs.
@GiorgioArmani converts its Italian plants for the production of disposable medical gowns. Lisa TIbaldi Twerra My Blog News
Convert is the watchword. One for all ours King George which is converting its Italian factories for the production of disposable medical gowns, but also Scervino, Prada, Gucci and others rsmaller groups that cannot count on the media hype of their choices, but who have made and shared them for the good of the country.
Lisa Tibaldi terra Mia fashion at the time of the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency Fashion produces medical equipment
In support of the supply chain, with the important task of organizing and coordinating small and medium-sized Italian production companies, CNA Federmoda, together with the other partners of the Fashion System, they created the Fashion Supply Chain Project for Italy - Covid-19 Emergency: a network of companies for the production of healthcare material, from medical devices to material for community use.
Also Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, the South Pontine start-up of Fashion accessories of high craftsmanship, joined the important initiative of CNA Federmoda Latina and, shortly, the production of disposable surgical type filter masks will begin, as per article 16 paragraph 2 of decree "Curaitalia".
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia will produce disposable surgical type filter masks of which art. 16 paragraph 2 of the "CuraItalia" decree
If each of us does his part in this war against an invisible enemy, for many even just by staying at home, we will be able to win, aware that we have been protagonists and witnesses of an unprecedented page of history.
With the pride of having succeeded, because, inspired by a Hastag launched by Upper Rome


LisaTiIbaldi Terra Mia Blog News Fashion at the time of the Coronavirus # Andràtuttobene Italy that does not stop

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