Women in power 2020: between rigor and glamour

Order word Potere della donna It is precisely the case to say this, perhaps one of the few satisfactions in this pandemic 2020. The appointment of the kamala harris first woman Vice President in the United States, of Indo-Jamaican origins, so undoubtedly "colored", of Antonella Polimeni, first woman rector at the University La Sapienza of Rome, after a good 700 years, passing by the appointment of the Prefect Maria Luisa Pellizzari a Deputy Chief Vicar of Police, alreadyfirst woman to direct theCentral Operation Service.
Charges of absolute prestige that see protagonists - finally, let me tell you - women, after a male overdose lasted years or whole centuries.
All this leaves us hope and thinking, perhaps it is the good time that rose quotas are not just a utopia or are allocated for positions of absolute political and social importance and not just for reinforcing and secondary positions.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra My Blog news Women in power 2020: between rigor and glamour
A tris of women engaged in roles of power, of absolute importance and visibility, which impose rigor, without ever forgetting style and femininity.
And if their respective charges impose "rigorous and institutional" outfits wide to Accessories, by the way, for that taste of never forgetting to be the "gentle sex". Earrings, necklaces, rings and unfailing Foulard to make even the most uncompromising and classic style more glamorous, required by the role held.
Stylish accessories, from the classic line like those of the Bijoux Collection Circle Seriesof Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia or more fashion and trend for those of the Square Series, for those who love to dare, to my taste, they would be great in Kamala Harris!
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Bijoux Collection series Circle and square with sheet leaves
To further embellishingand give a color note to every type of outfit of the three beautiful women in power, an accessory that has always represented the class and chic by antonomasia, an accessory in pure silk, a Foulard who is well married to jackets and tailleurs, in all seasons and in all situations.
Perfect classic ones, squares, 90x90cm, strictly in pure silk and made in Italy, like those of the Collection of Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia.
Lisa TIbaldi Earth My Foulard Collection Drawing 4 Butterflies of the Aurunca Earth
Because, even abroad, an accessory Made in Italy, it has always been synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and absolute good taste!



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