Fashion Trend: the warm colors of November

November has arrived and with him the Weekend of AllXants, never as in this 2020, very resigned and underling. Few will really want to celebrate Halloween, even if the windows of our cities have already been colored with the typical orange pumpkin, which rages ing ly.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news pumpkins halloween color orange trending for AI 2020

So wide to the pumpkin also in the kitchen and to everything that is colored orange.

And then we dare too, in our outfits, with a nice touch of vitamin "Orange": a color that has always been a symbol of inner harmony,of artistic creativity, self-confidenceAndin others. The aalso symbolizes understanding, wisdom, balance andambition, an important color therefore, also used in Eastern religions.

Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia blog news Fashion Trend: the warm colors of November

A color that can be easily mixed even with colors must have of the autumn season (see also our article Autumn is Back september 21st) that take inspiration from the earth: the whole range of browns, symbol of balance and good health, and beiges, symbol of sobriety and concreteness.

Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia blog News Fashion Trend: the warm colors of November Color Trends A.I. 2020-21

Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, always attentive to the latest fashion trends, has in its Collection of Scarves Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, these autumn nuances, which represent inevitable accessories for a glamorous woman.

In the classic square shape,90X90cmInpure silkStrictly Made in Italy, they always represent a versatile accessory that can adapt to any type of look, from the most sophisticated to the most street and naughty.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury accessories brand Eco-sustainable handcrafted fashion made in Italy, Fall- Winter 2020 Collection Pure Silk Scarf

A timeless accessory for timeless elegance





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