Gift Ideas? ... Why not?

The infamous holidays are approaching, useless to deny it, and with them the great dilemma that afflicts everyone ... Christmas gifts!

Even if this 2020 will be a different and anomalous year, nobody is immune to the rush to the Christmas gift for the family, for loved ones, for friends.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog news Gift ideas? ... Why not?

Trends this year are for timeless gifts, timeless, capable of express feelings, give emotions, all that we have absolutely lacked, causes a pandemic, especially for those who are distant from their loved ones, from their families. Particular attention to people, in a symbolic virtual embrace.

So why not also take advantage of the next special offers Black Friday now at the gates, the next November 27, perhaps staying comfortably at home, to love each other and to give an emotion to those who receive it.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News Black Friday weekend special VIP LIST to get 30% discount

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miahasdecided to create a real oneVIP LISTfor all subscribers by November 26tha reserved discount of 30% on the collections to be used not only for Black Friday Day, but, exclusively,throughout the black friday weekend, dfrom 27 to 29 November,three unmissable days of luxury shopping.


Fashion accessories that speak of love for traditions, for their homeland, which know how to convey emotions and feelings because they are rigorously hand-made by expert Italian artisans.

You can range between Bijoux eco-sustainable lines Circle, Square is #AmolamiaTerra and the line of Foulard in twill ofpure silkwith prints inspired by nature, traditions and culture of Terra Aurunca.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories, handcrafted made in Italy, silk scarves and bijoux made with semi-precious metals and stramma leaves

The creations of the designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi are present in the numbers of I Woman, women's magazine of Corriere della Sera, in a special edition completely SHOPPABLE, even with a QR code for shopping in one click and in the special "Perfect items to find under the tree" last week.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia ADV on Io Donna donna by Corriere della Sera


Emotions to give, Emotions to wear




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