The new PRIVERNUM collection brand is coming and it does it safely!

PRIVERNUM collection is the new brand of the designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, An ideal fusion of History, Territory and Craftsmanship of Excellence, which interact with each other between antiquity and modern technologies.
Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia Privernum Collection brand for the new line inspired by the historical / cultural heritage of the city of Priverno
A collection of Fashion accessories is Home Design created by the southern Pontine designer who wanted to create, in line with her vision#AmolamiaTerra, handcrafted, eco-sustainable products that represent, in an innovative way, the art and culture of the territory of Priverno (city of the lower Lazio in the province of Latina) and in particular of yours Museums, through fashion and innovative emotional multimedia communication.
This is the project, at the base of the brand PRIVERNUM collectionof Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, awarded the regional tender "Business creates culture" aimed at promoting Lazio's Places of Culture through the use of innovative systems.
Lisa Tibaldi Privernum Collection brand of fashion accessories and home design by Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia inspired by the heritage of the Priverno Museums. Reusable filter masks gadget
While waiting for the official presentation of the brand and the first collection which will probably take place in the spring, some gadgets have already been made to promote the project and, given the historical moment, they could not be other than reusable filter masks for community use, now indispensable both outdoors and indoors.
Lisa Tibaldi Privernum Collection line inspired by the heritage of the Priverno Museums. Detail of the procession made on a glazed cup from the Republican age which was the inspiration for the decoration of the filter masks
A mask safe in the quality of certified materials and originally embellished with a decoration that resumes the gymnastic procession with erotes in the guise of wrestlers, javelin throwers and gladiators preceded by a herald playing the trumpet of victory, inspired by the decoration of a ceramic cup from the imperial age, coming from the domus of the Nilotic threshold of Privernum, in ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM of PRIVERNO.
Glazed cup from the imperial age found in the archaeological area of ​​Privernum and kept in the Archaeological Museum of Priverno
This is only the first step, but PRIVERNUM collection is and will be much more, but we don't want to reveal anything yet!

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