The Creativity does not stop, converts

Fromephemeral and superfluous for excellence, atessential for the Collectivity, how has it changed the Moda systemat the times of the Coronavirus.

The creativity of the Made In Italy it doesn't stop, it converts.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra MIa Blig_News Armani recounts factories to produce cameos and masks for Coronavirus

They are extremely topical, the news that Luxury Brand representing the Made in Italy all over the world (Armani, Scervino, Gucci, Prada, etc.) have converted their production facilities for the good of the country. But even the other "smaller" fashion realities, perhaps through trade associations, local and / or national, which cannot count on such great clamor at the media level, have decided to opt for the same production choice.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia the start up of the low Lazio that creates Bijoux, revisiting in key "haute couture" the tradition of processing the "stramma " (typical plant fiber of the territory), giving life to eco-sustainable fashion accessories, destined for a market of excellence, has adhered to the important initiative ofCNA Federfashion,partner of the national projectFiliera Fashion for Italy-Emergence Covid-19,  riconverting its own main production,and from mid-April produces Filtering masks for use of the Collectivity.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra My Blog News The creativity doesn't stop, it converts as the brand of Accessories Fashion women's ulsustainable high crafts that has reconverged the company for the production of filter masks to use the Collectivity

The words of order at this time are Versatility and Riconversion, certain to be able to return, as soon as possible, to the original productions, which have made the brands interested and innovative the emerging ones famous.

The Fashion, the Made in Italy have, since ever, represented a wealth and a typically Italian "flagship," which the whole world envy us.

If each of us will do its part in this war against an invisible enemy, we will succeed in winning, aware of being the protagonists and witnesses of a history page that has no precedent.

With the pride of having succeeded, because


Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog_news #IosonomadeinItaly Creativity doesn't stop, converts





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