La Grotta del Maresciallo: a treasure of biodiversity submerged in the sea of ​​Gaeta

In the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, of the Mare Nostrum, there is one of the sites of extreme biological and scientific interest "The Marshal's Cave". 
Name coined by the marine biologist Adriano Madonna, who used the ravine to escape a marshal who followed him in his underwater descents, convinced that he was fishing illegally.
A real ecosystem inserted in theProtected Marine Area of ​​Monte Orlando to Gaeta, with a strong geological interest, for its "shapes" due to marine erosion and for the marine and cave-dwelling species that live inside it.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News The Marshal's cave book by marine biologist Adriano Madonna
His greatest scholar and admirer, Adriano Madonna, Dedicated a study volume to him "The Marshal's Cave", presented by the writer last August 7 in Gaeta at the suggestive recently renovated terrace of La Battery La Favorita, with the patronage of Lazio region, of the Municipality of GaetaandRiviera di Ulisse Park Authority. In the unusual role of moderator, the stylist Lisa Tibaldi Grassi he participated with great enthusiasm in the presentation of both the volume and the exhibition of some wonderful images that the biologist took right in the cave.
Lisa Tibaldi terra Mia Blog News presentation of the book La Grotta del Maresciallo by Adriano Madonna in Gaeta on 7 August 2020
"The interest in Adriano's work, especially for his photographic testimonies, is not so coincidental: it is precisely from the inhabitants of this natural jewel that the new Spring Summer 2021 Collection of Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia scarf, which will be dedicated to the marine fauna of the protected area of ​​Gaeta"declared the designer at the end of the evening.
Lisa Tibaldi terra Mia Blog News La Grotta del Maresciallo book by Adriano Madonna original photo by Spallanzani Spirograph
Make way for prints on pure silk that will immortalize the marine world, including the most famous and most characteristic species, such as the Spallanzani Spirograph, the black Brotula, the colored madrepores, the beautiful mechanical shrimp, the "sea cow", corvine, cave jellyfish and cave crabs.
Lisa Tibaldi terra Mia Blog News presentation of the book by Adriano Madonna La Grotta del Maresciallo Asteroides calycularis
Thus continuing to reproduce on precious fabrics, such as silk, the wonders of the aurunca fauna, which saw the splendid butterflies as the first protagonists ...
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News Scarf Collection the Butterflies of the Aurunca Land
An ecosystem that marries well the territorial connotation of the brand and its creativity, while remaining faithful to the green and eco-sustainable vision.
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