The Strama tribute to the poet Enrico Mallozzi

The Stramma (dialectal term indicating a spontaneous Mediterranean plant strongly present in the Aurunca Earth- Amplelodesmos Mauritanicus) is an element that has been part of the aurunca culture for centuries. The tradition of the typical interweaving, to carry out baskets and other objects of common use, has been passed down for generations.

The Stramma Ampelodesmos mauritanicus typical of the Aurunca Earth Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News

Viscerale, one could almost define, the love that the local people have for the custody of the memory of this ancient processing, particularly in the low Lazio, in the area of Santi Cosma and Damian, where, in the fraction of Ventosa, for a long time this artisanal activity has been the main source of income.

And it is by Santi Cosma and Damiano, class 1927, the missing poet Enrico Antonio Mallozzi who has chosen to elaborate in dialectal verses all the memoirs of the traditions and cultural matrix of the people of this Earth.  Among the poems of his anthology "Glio tidric nuosto is poetry!" -Elsa of Mambro Editore,The Stramma is the one that most narrates with love and a subtle pride, of the abilities of the people who worked on it.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra My Blog news The strame the woodworking jettola handmade ecosustainable fashion sustainable fashion

The Jettles (people who interweave the stramma in long Jettles -3, 5, 7 or 9 wire trecks are particularly adept at working this grass without getting hurt, given its cutting edge. The Jettlesworked, once, unraveled in the alleys where the women, intertwined, spent the time.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news Santi Cosma and Damiano, Ventosa locality, women weaving the Stramma in long jettles

These long trecks- Jettles -they were then sewn up to form baskets, baskets, bags, spores for donkeys. The fiascs were also being imaged.
Cesto and fiasco worked with the slab and some verses of Enrico Mallozzi's eponymous poem published on the news blog by Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia fashion ecosustainable Italian crafts

The poet then concludes his verses by extolling the capacity of the local population, to accomplish anything with this material, coming to say that even a dress to Mary Virgo could have been done!

A poor, but precious dress!

A sculpture dress made in slab by designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi in collaboration with the Ente Parco dei Monti Aurannouncements and the same donated body

Well, without discomforting the Mother of God, a poor and precious dress was made with this material. The stylist Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, who lives and works in Santi Cosma and Damwe, the Land of Origin of his family, in fact realized in 2015, in collaboration with the artisans of the Regional Park of the Aurproclamation Mountains, a Dress Sculture in Stramma, homage to the plant, which the designer donated to the same Ente. The dress was also the protagonist, along with other creations of the designer south pontine, of an emotional exhibition travelling from the title. Trama Aurunca ... Emotions and Creativity of a Territory which was also housed in the prestigious frame of the Museum of Civilizations-Arts and Folk Traditions of Rome.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Bijoux Collection 100%Made in Italy handmade sustainable fashion Fashion Ecosustainable Fashion

With the Stramma today the Designer, realizes the original Bijoux Collection of the Brand Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, where tradition and innovation are founded in a harmony, witness of Love.



Lisa Tibaldi Terra My Blog News The text of the text of the dialectal poetry of the poet Enrico Mallozzi of the Terra Aurunca


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