Eco-friendly fashion: Stramma & Fashion for tenacious and determined women

The Stramma is the dialect termto indicate a type of perennial grass, widespread in the pontine area. In Italian the herb we speak of is ampelodesma (Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus),  a graminacea very widespread throughout the Mediterranean basin and even more than a meter high, indicated, sometimes, with the generic name of strame, sparto or even tagliamani, because of the sharp leaves that can hurt the hands if taken not to the right.
Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia Blog News Tencace as the" Stramma " dialect term indicating the Stramma or ampelodesmos mauritanicus
The Stramma it is a particularly tenacious and durable, which adapts well to arid soils and slopes, to the most impervious places and has as a peculiar characteristic that it regrows immediately immediately after each fire. For its qualities over the centuries it has been used for ropes, tops, sports, bags; braided or twisted it can take on large weights and resist all weathering.

Tenacious as the Stramma!

This was the characteristic of the aurunco people who, for centuries, made a poor grass an important source of income.
This is the characteristic of aurunche women who believe in the importance of carrying on traditions and in good need of upsetting them, as in the case of Samuela Casale who continues the traditional craft activity of her father or the designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi who,in the vision of his luxury brand of fashion accessories eco-sustainable Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, just use the Stramma in the creation of artisanal lines of Jewelry, with a strong territorial connotation.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news the tenacity of Stramma tenacious as the Stramma
Tenacity is the characteristic that also unites many women, determined, strong, committed, whothey do not give up the charm of Jewelry original, unconventional, especially in Green Key.

Jewelry made with the tenacious Stramma dedicated to tenacious women for a Just Cause, in the fundraising campaign


Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News Tenace come La stramma # AmolamiaTerra the crowdfunding campaign with WWF litorale laziale to raise funds for fire prevention and restoration of forest areas
A good part of the proceeds is destined to the WWF Litorale Laziale for the Prevention of fires and the preservation of the Forest Heritage.
Tenacious as the last we pursue the goal of doing something concrete for the environment because


it's not just words


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