Lisa Tibaldi Grassi in Sportello Italia of RadioRai1 : between tradition and innovation

There is always a hint of anxiety and emotion before every interview, especially if on live radio. Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, CEO d Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia has been a guest to the microphones of "Sportello Italia"  column transmitted by Radio Rai One, to tell about his reality of lawn start-ups and how he is facing the pandemic.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia blog news Lisa Tibaldi Grassi guest at Sportello Italia on Rai Radio1
Lisa Tibaldi Grassi was introduced by the journalist Francesco Ventimiglia, in a episode that had as a focus on ecosustainability, conversion, tradition and innovation.
A conversation that started from the motivations that prompted the designer to move from Rome to Santi Cosma and Damian, his land of origin, in the low Lazio, in Terra Aurunca, has ranged in targeted questions especially about its new business, and how a start-up can deal with such a critical period.
A true journey in the creation of the Luxury Brand Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia who came from the idea of fashion designer to look for a territorial inspiration, who expressed a unique value, which spoke of nature, tradition, but in an original way and innovative, the point of strength for the construction of a business from the soul green.
Idea born thanks to the help of the artisans of the Park of the Aurination Mountains, and then approx. Lazio Innova that has turned the project into real business.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of artisanal eco-sustainable fashion accessories. Foulard in silk and high bigiottery with stramma leaves
 Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia produces artisanal fashion accessories, eco-sustainable with strong territorial connotation,Foulard in silk inspired by the nature of its places and High Bigiottery carried out with precious seeds that enchastate the original protagonist, the Strammaa local spontaneous plant that, (formerly used for cestry, sported for donkeys and vessel tops) by revisiting it in key fashion, also innovating the processing techniques of the matter.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia masks filtering reusable in cotton
The activity of Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia during the
the first lockdown, has been reconverted, thanks to the project 'Filiera Fashion for Italy' of Unindustry, CNA Federmoda, Sportello Asbestos and others, in production of filter masks for the collectivity.
Still a part of the start-up business
is dedicated to the production of reusable masks.
Many growth and development programs have been postponed to 2021.
As the same Lisa Tibaldi has always stated : "We are nevertheless operational and determined to try to use this" suspended time "to the best to improve, plan with more attention, let us know ... at the bottom we are entrepreneurs Donne ... Tenacus like the stramma."
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia dresses sculpture made in slab by fashion designer Lisa TIbaldi Grassi

To hear the full interview click here


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