Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia at Artigiano in fair Live 2020

From next November 28 it will be online Craftsman at the Fair , which causes health emergency, this year will only be LIVE.
About 500 artisans participating in this anomalous 2020 edition that will not feature the pavilions of the Milan Fair in Rho.

The new online platform, unique in Italy, will allow users to get to know artisan companies, visit their workshops virtually and buy their products.

Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia participates in Artigiano in the live fair thanks to Regione Lazio, Lazio Innova, Unioncamere Lazio and CCIAA Roma

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, South pontine brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories, thanks to the contribution of Lazio Innova, of Region Lazio, Unioncamere Lazio and Chamber of Commerce of Rome, will participate among the 32 brands (26 artisans + 6 food category) selected for the Lazio.

Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, founder and ceo of luxury brand Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia of eco-sustainable and handmade fashion accessories

The collections that Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, founder and creative director of the fashion brand, presents Scarf in silk and High Costume Jewelry. Both are inspired and tell the story of Terra Aurunca with an emotional narrative, respecting nature in an eco-sustainable vision.

Artistic and traditional craftsmanship of quality that in all respects becomes good luxury.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia women fashion accessories eco-sustainable handcrafted made in Italy silk scarf and Bijoux with Stramma leaves

As he pointed out Antonio Intiglietta, President Ge.Fi. Spa Fair ManagementArtigiano in Fiera Live is not a virtual fair, because nothing can replace the experience of a beautiful event like ours. On the contrary, we have chosen to put in place a unique opportunity to learn about the exceptional value of the Italian micro and small business, to enter hundreds of laboratories in the country and deepen the history of our production fabric. This year, therefore, we can make a double gift: researching and donating to our loved ones something original, unique, beautiful and good, demonstrating, at the same time, an act of trust and esteem towards our artisans”.

Crafts in the Live Fair will be available from November 28 to December 20 next at the following link:



Give a gift choose a gift Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia eco-sustainable fashion accessories handcrafted, handmade, Made in Italy 


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