Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia recognized as Sustainable Fashion of the Aurunca Land

In recent years, the attention to environmental sustainability is a central topic for companies and the territory, to guarantee and guarantee a quality of life in respect of the nature that welcomes us.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia eco sustainable fashion sustainable fashion eco friendly environmental sustainability
With this vision in Lower Lazio, between the provinces of Latina and Frosinone, in ancient times Terra Aurunca, the company Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia has developed its own brand of Fashion accessories of a craftsmanship of excellence, with a strong territorial connotation.
Many of the artifacts are handmade, using a spontaneous plant of the territory, in dialect "Stramma", formerly used for basketry. Collections by High Costume Jewelery, but also Silk foulard that tell and reinterpret Nature and the not only environmental richness of a Territory.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia excellent craftsmanship of fashion accessories 100% Made in Italy, handmade, eco-sustainable fashion, eco friendly in stramma
For the characteristics of the products made and their processing in respect of eco-sustainability, for the sensitivity to safeguarding and protecting the environment, for the commitment to simultaneously promote creativity and the Territory, theRegional body Parco dei Monti Aurunci, L'Regional Park Riviera di Ulisse and the XVII Mountain community of the Aurunci Mountains have granted the prestigious patronage free to the young company Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia.
Natural Park Authority of the Aurunci Mountains grants free patronage to Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia for eco-sustainable fashionRiviera di Ulisse Regional Natural Park Authority grants free patronage to Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia for eco-sustainable fashionXVII Mountain Community of Monti Aurunci grants free patronage to Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia for eco-sustainable fashion
An important recognition that underlines the sharing of objectives between the company and local authorities: to create a model of economic development in compliance with environmental sustainability. It is no coincidence that the claim of the South Pontine company is


a way of living, a way of working, a way of loving.

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