Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia wins "Innovation Voucher" Project Interreg MED "Chebec" of the Region Lazio-Lazio Innova

The outcome of the selection at stage 4 "Innovation Voucher" of the pilot action of the Interreg MED project "Chebec-Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural sector" carried out by the Region of Lazio through Lazio Innova was officialized. Only two businesses allowed at this stage and among them the young creative start up Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia. An important recognition in support of the strategy of communication and penetration of foreign markets, in particular to those in the Med area, which the South Pontine company is planning. A step forward to export, not just the Eco-Sustainable Fashion Accessories of excellence that realizes the company, but the vision of a Brand that wants to be Land Ambassador of its Earth. #AmolamiaTerra begins its climb to internationalization!


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