Masks & events: with a hint of irony

L'summer 2020 post lockdown continues to impose social distancing anduse of masks for the community, not only in closed places but also outdoors, if you can not keep the safe distance.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News statement President De Luca on using outdoor masks

We all want a return to a gradual normality, to be able to celebrate happy events together with relatives, friends, the aggregation we miss like the air.

However, personal safety cannot be disregarded and from the health protocols that still exist and that will accompany us, alas, until the end of this unforgettable 2020.

From the inexhaustible creativity of the designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, the idea of reusable masks in three layers of hydrophobic TNT, think specifically for events, because who said that you can not protect yourself with a hint of healthy irony?

Masks & events: what else?

Birthdays ,weddings( for the bravest), graduations and those who have more, can be cheered, even visually, wearing the Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia masks, in the male version with a mustache and in the female one with lips.Specially created can be given as gifts, as gadgets, to the guests as they are individually wrapped.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News wedding day with ironic masks for guests

A glamorous and fashion idea but, above all, useful and, in some situations, indispensable. A burst of optimism and good mood that we can imprint on a mask, not being able to make our smiles sparkle, because it is not enough to smile only with the eyes!

For adults and children, because your health and protection is important and because wearing a mask is synonymous with respect for others and high civic sense.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News masks for parties and fun events

I protect myself and I protect you with irony!





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