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With the Covid-19 pandemic and the spread of contact anxiety, the use of disposable plastic, primarily for the infamous masks, which have a polluting factor not indifferent, has returned to the spotlight, since the need in Italy, estimated by Ispra and Polytechnic of Turin, is around one billion devices a month.

The enemy of sustainable recycling is the mask made with a mix of polluting materials and especially disposable materials. Also the Region Lazio, noting the problem, has started a campaign of awareness towards the reusable masks from the "Green" value and then we simplify and try to design objects that are more rational and made with eco-sustainable and reusable materials.

Region Lazio Official page sensitize to the use of reusable masks that protect the environment

Just for his green and eco-sustainable vision Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia has made embroidered filtering masks, for use by the community of which Article.16(2) of D.L. 18/2020 has been fully implemented; Made in Italymade from certified materials,100% organic cottonbiomedical elastic, and biodegradable noseYeah. Washing and reusable more than 20times, which are supplied with a packaging fully realized in recycled paperfor both adults and children.


Organic cotton masks are part of the rewards for the supporters of the fundraising campaign #AmolamiaTerralaunched last June 27th by the start-up of eco-friendly fashion accessories made in Italy, in support of the WWF Laziale Coastal per projects relating to fire prevention, protection and restoration of forest heritage.

We as Company we want to witness the commitment to an eco-sustainable society;
Weas Firewe want to share the Green vision;
We as Persons we want to do something, because


are not just words...

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