Child protection and safety

Health and protection are the two imperatives of the moment. Respect for security protocols has become part of our daily routine.
You come out, with bag, cell phone, gloves and, above all, mask.
Wearing it has now become an almost automatic gesture, but how do you convince the youngest to put it? Because if it turns out to be simple for children, it's not that discounted.
Even the youngest, from 6 years old and up, in fact, must use protections, especially if they are in closed places, in contact with non-convincing people and in all those situations where social space cannot be respected... And for children to keep a meter away is, practically, almost impossible!
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Accessori Moda Made in Italy Blog News protection and safety to child size
We must find therefore funny solutions, captivating, Fashion Accessories that meet the taste of the youngest, in total compliance with protection and safety standards imposed, in some sort of play to disguise with the mask.
There are many proposals on the market for the smallest, which are too often, but they put the aesthetics first in comparison to quality. European and national rules and provisions on surgical masks provide for the use of TRANSAL TRANSES between fabric and filter and certified materials. Le manufacturers must self-certify the production process, materials and regulatory references to which they are responsible for the production of the product.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Collection Made in Italy autocertified sustainable fashion luxury brand of ecosustainable fashion accessories converted into mask production also cut children 6/12 years old
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia created a LineofReusable Masks filters a 3 layerssuitable for the youngest (Size 6 to 12 years), five different models, allwashable and reusable, in nonwoven fabric (TNT) hydrophobic or 100% hydrorepellent and antibacterial cotton.
Protection and security begin from small things, from daily routine, protecting the youngest is the task not only of parents, but of the whole community, because they represent our future, the future of society.
Even and especially for them



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