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We live in the digital age, technology is now an integral part of our daily life, in all sectors.

Even the fashion market now travels to go-go on the web, because technology, if well used simplifies life and gives real moments of escape from everyday life.

The QR code at the service of shopping Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories made in Italy accepts the digital challenge

The historical moment, unfortunately, is of great difficulty but who of us, even in lockdown has not "climbed" on a digital platform to buy something that was not really of necessity?

Traditional shopping has changed, it has become multimedia and then wide to the new technology for those who are shopping addicted, also through specialized and industry printing.

I Woman in the number of 24 October it presented an edition with over 130 pages absolutely Shoppable, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, in one click, a virtual walk through the windows, simply scanning a code to directly access the brand's e-commerce or the single desired product.

Io Donna cover of October 24 edition shoppable with Adv by Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia luxury brand

Among the 110 brands that participated in the initiative also Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia,always in step with the Times and with new technologies.

Fashion accessories, glamour and chic, craft, completely Made in Italyfrom jewelry to pure silk scarves.

Lisa TIbaldi Terra MIa luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories made in Italy with its handmade bijoux with the stramma in the editorial of Io Donna of October 24, 2020 shoppable edition

A new challenge at the level of communication and marketing of the South pontino brand that has in its vision an innovative entrepreneurial activity, strongly creative dynamic where

Artistic and traditional craftsmanship of quality, become a real luxury asset

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories made in Italy silk scarf collection and handmade Bijoux collection with stramma craftsmanship that becomes good luxury 




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