Time for Nature: on World Environment Day The New Initiatives of Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia

Today is the Forty sixth anniversary of the World Environment Day, the World Environment Day, the theme chosen is very current and in line with the global pandemic"Time For Nature".
Time for Nature World Environment Day
"The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. However, these are exceptional times when nature is sending us a message: to take care of ourselves we must take care of nature. It's time to wake up, to be heard. It is time to rebuild better for people and for the planet. It's World Environment Day, it's time for Nature."(World Environment Day 2020).
Eloquent are the warning signals that our planet has sent to us humans, and alarming is the report spread by the WWFfrom the pandemic, to the locusts, from the fires in Australia to the high water in Venice.
Also the president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in a message he expressed himself in this sense:
"The recent dramatic events that affect our entire planet require us to take note of the essential link that exists between the balance of nature and our survival". 
Impossible not to agree with this statement!

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miastart-up of eco-friendly fashion accessories of the South pontine, made ofthe love for his land and the safeguarding of the territory his Vision.

The conversion of its original production has led to Lisa Tibaldi Grassi to choose to produce only and exclusivelyReusable filter masks, sanitizable, with very low polluting impact.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories has converted production into reusable masks also in organic cotton to respect the environment

And it could not miss, on a symbolic day like this, the announcement of the Luxury Brand of the launch, shortly, of theCrowdfunding campaignin collaboration with the WWF Litorale Laziale, with which Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia will give a real and concrete support for projects related to fire prevention, protection and restoration of forest heritage, a theme particularly felt and "burning in the summer".

Because this is the true and concrete sense of


Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia luxury brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories is about to launch crowdfunding campaign in favor of WWF Lazio Coast for fire prevention



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Michele iacono

Bellissima iniziativa …lode a lisa Tibaldi per questo progetto unico per l umanita’ e la convivenza civile.

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