Venice 2020: a renewed sobriety on the red carpet

Archived the summer season, fashion and fashion are pronounced on new trends of the coming autumn-winter, in this 2020 how anomalous and difficult to read.
In the few events that took place post lockdown, last in order of time, and still in progress, theVenice International Film Festival,we could notice, even among Italian and international stars, a return to an almost more rigorous look, where solid colors, clean and essential lines, perhaps hyperstructured, have paraded on "discreet and spaced out" red carpet. In an atmosphere of rediscovered sobriety, but with a great desire for elegance, glamour and allure.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News look Venice 2020 Film Festival
Well come who, how Cate Blanchett, President of the jury, dusts off clothes already seen and worn on other important occasions, revisited in style, agreed with the increasingly fashionable mood of recycling and reuse, especially in the case of hyperlussious iconic dresses and pieces.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News Cate Blanchett in Venice 2020 with dresses reused credit Io Donna
But above all, as always, the accessory, the jewels, single or in sets are the real difference on any outfit, they are theprecious element and an essential that no woman would give up.
Important accessories, showy, precious, maybe eco-friendly and green friendly, because this is the new feature and vision.
Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, toalways ttending to fashions and trends, it has created a line of fashion accessories that respond to all the dictates of contemporary style.
In itsHigh Jewellery Collection, in Limited Edition -Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia -semi-precious metals are melted, with the processing of"Stramma" (spontaneous grass native to the Terra Aurunca), which give life to jewelry of high craftsmanship, strictly Made in Italy 100%, of great visual impact and high fit, that go well with all styles and that can be worn both in the morning and in the evening, depending on the look chosen.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia collection Bijoux made in Italy semi precious metal and strum handmade sustainable fashion luxury brand
Clean, geometric, rigorous lines, in the sumptuous bracelets and earrings, which can be worn individually or in sets, not to mention the last line born 'Circle" (see our article of June 21that seems to wrap in a precious embrace, the wrists and fingers of an always attentive and avant-garde woman who, like us, loves glamour but is at the same time attentive to the environment and the ecosystem in which she lives...
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia collection Bijoux series "circle" jewelry in stramma and semi precious metal made in Italy handmade sustainable fashion
because this also means



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