A nice idea for the head: waiting for the hairdressers opening

It lasts the life of our hair at the time of the lockdown.
We all yearn for the reopening of our hairdresser which, today, still seems a distant mirage.
So how can you overcome this sad lack, if you don't have the necessary manual skills with dyes, colored shampoos, brushes and hairdryers?
Already in the summer of 2019, the Foulard, a trendy accessory, always of great luxury, so why not wear it directly on your head.
A beautiful idea for the head News Blog Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia fashion Luxury made in Italy Accessories Brand
Ideal for both long and short hair, especially when the hair is not perfect, both in terms of color and fold, or simply for a burst of color to the look, the foulard is a valid alternative to headbands and hats. Not only 50s diva style, worn to protect the hair from the aggressions of the wind or dust, as seen in the films of the time starring the iconic Brigitte Bardot.
A beautiful idea for the head News Blog Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Sustainable Fashion Luxury Accessories made in Italy Brand
The classic model, the square scarf, is the most manageable for the hair, it can be used as a headband, as a handkerchief, and as a bandana.
A bow, chignon, band, as long as it is a foulard, the best are in silk, certainly more precious. Style icons, such as Charlotte Casiraghi, Kate Middleton and the American Sarah Jessica Parker and the very Italian Maria Laura Berlinguer, they teach us how to wear the scarf in the hair at the top and have an absolutely glamorous and trendy look.
Lisa Tibaldi terra Mia Blog News A nice idea for the head waiting for the opening of style icons hairdressers with headscarves Charlotte Casiraghi, Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Maria Laura Berlinguer
Among the accessories produced in Limited Edition by Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia we also find one Foulard collection, in 100% silk, strictly Made in Italy, with prints that take inspiration from Nature, Traditions and Culture from Terra Aurunca, mood of the entire collection.
Available in neutral and in fashion colors to better meet individual fashion and look needs.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News A beautiful idea for the head Scarf Collection 100% Made in Italy pure silk


Until the reopening of the hairdressers indulge yourself with the scarf,

you will be incredibly fashion, and with a good head!





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