Wonder Mamma: the only true Superheroine!

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Sunday May 10 will be the day dedicated to to celebrate there Mum, the most loved and celebrated secular festival in the world, of ancient origins, when the gods of fertility were celebrated, introduced in Italy in 1959, with the characteristic of being mobile and falling on the second Sunday of May.

Wonder Mamma: the only real superheroine News Blog Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia

A special occasion to honor the extraordinary importance of maternal figure, both on the emotional and on the social level.Woman, wife, mother, many definitions for a single person, with an incredible, tireless strength that juggles children, home, work and another infinity of tasks.

A Wonder Mom precisely, a real superheroine, always multitasking, because as the saying goes "Who has a mother does not tremble".

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In this moment of lockdown, Mothers were the real engine, the real cornerstone around which daily domestic life revolved.

It therefore deserves a special day, perhaps of adored and longed-for rest and if it were also accompanied by a surprise, it would be absolutely more appreciated.

A gift to amaze her, even from afar, because at this moment, many do not have their own close relatives.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miain its online shop offers a series of gift ideas for Mom, eco-sustainable fashion accessories, Bijoux versatile and creative, Foulards, suitable for everyone, to celebrate this special day together.

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A gift always accompanied by a message made with the heart!

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