1920 - 2020 Epidemic's Accessories. History teaches that history teaches nothing.

History teaches that history teaches nothing.

In fact judging by the approach we took to this Epidemic of COVID-19despite the experience of the great Spanish epidemic of 1920, one can only take note of the veracity of the citations of Alessandro Manzoni.

Spanish epidemic 1920 Americans with masks Blog news Lisa TIbaldi Terra MIa Epidemic's Accessories Masks Covid-19 Coronavirus

Today as then we often find ourselves doing trivial but fundamental errors in the use of the mask. Respect for important and simple rules of behavior and care can make the difference.

The filter mask is a fundamental accessory in the limited and necessary exits or in the workplace. Before even understanding which type is best to wear, it is certainly necessary to understand how to use the accessory in the most correct way.

Girls who wear the surgical filter mask for Covid-19 Coronavirus Blog News Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia 1920 2020 Epidemic's Accessories history teaches that history teaches nothing

Here are some key points:

  • The Mask must be taken from the rubber bands, worn and no longer touched;
  • It must cover NOSE AND MOUTH WELL, NOT be worn under the nose (see woman in the center photo of the 1920 Spanish epidemic), much less be lowered under the chin (see girl on the right photo Covid-19 epidemic of 2020);
  • The mask must always be removed from the rubber bands;
  • Once removed, it must be placed (handling it by the rubber bands or with disposable gloves) inside an envelope to be closed and thrown in the undifferentiated.
Regarding which type is more effective, we can say that, with the exception of medical aids which are of vital importance for health, auxiliary and law enforcement personnel who are in constant contact with sick or potential patients, for the collectivity, the Surgical 3-layer filter mask made of TNT is certainly the best.
It is no coincidence that the entire national fashion chain, with the project promoted by CNA Federmoda, Confindustria and other partners, called to reconvert the activities to make a contribution to the growing need for Masks for the use of the Community, has chosen this specific type, following the technical indications of the legislation Uni EN 14683, the protocol of Politecnico di Milano and using a rigorously selected quality of materials Made in Italy.
The Fashion Supply Chain for Italy - Covid-19 Emergency CNA Federmoda project joined by Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories of high craftsmanship Made in Italy, handmade that now produces filter masks for community use
Also the young South Pontine company Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, brand of eco-sustainable fashion accessories, handcrafted 100% Made in Italy, has started the production of disposable 3-layer surgical type filter masks for community use as per art. 16, paragraph 2 of the D.L. of 17/03/2020, joining the project Fashion Supply Chain for Italy - Covid-19 Emergency. (see our article dated 28 March 2020)
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia three-layer disposable surgical-type filtering mask for community use as per Article 16, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree of 17/03/2020 production made in Italy company conversion


"In declaring that we would start the production of Fashion Accessories from 2020, I never imagined that the Accessories in question would be Filter Masks" he commented Lisa Tibaldi Grassi, founder of the Brand Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia, who continues: "We hope to be able to return soon to develop our collections of High Costume Jewelery is Foulard, confident that with a little more sacrifice, by staying at home, the situation will improve ".

#Everything will be fine

For those wishing to deepen some useful information for the use and choice of the mask, we recommend the video of Doctor Giuseppe La Guardia that we found very exhaustive: Coronavirus Masks: the correct use of face shields





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