25 April Italy will rise - Liberation at the time of the Coronavirus

Since 1945 the 25 April represent for theItaly la Liberation, by the dictatorship of the fascist regime. An anniversary marking the end of a historic period, the end of a war, the beginning of the rebirth for our country.
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Never like this year, on the seventy-fifth anniversary, Liberation Day has an absolutely “shooting” meaning to the lockdown period we are experiencing, a wish, a hope. We all await a genuine release from this Covid-19 pandemic, from the imposed quarantine, which is characterizing our lives and our days.
We are also fighting a war against an invisible enemy with unconventional weapons: the home, the use of the Filtering masks or sporadic gloves coming out.
Like our ancestors, it will be a feast to return to a pseudo normal life, which will impose on us the upheavals of our habits and our lifestyle.
A rebirth that will gradually begin with the dictats that the government will impose on us.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News 25 Aprile Feast of the Tricolor Liberation Italian Flag Ecosustainable fashion fashion accessories made in Stramma
The colours of our flag, now more than ever, are of absolute current importance.
The Green, symbol of hope, is the mood of the moment ( read our article Speranza verde ), which also represents philosophy and soul"Verde" of our Brand Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, our sense of responsibility to Mother Earth that hosts us, our commitment to realizing Fashion Accessories always EcosustainableThe Green of the Snatch, the plant we use in our fashion productions, symbol of our Aurunca Earth.
The Whitewhich represents purity, but also Rebirth, a "white leaflet" on which to write the new pages of a modern history that today, as in 1945, is intended to be remembered in school books.
The Red, which represents passion, that for our Earth, for our work, that we love, that we have converted back, that continues to be always our inesting engine, because the Fashion does not stop.
The colors of our flag, symbol of Liberation, to remind us that


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Giovanna ionta

La libertà che contraddistingue la nostra quotidianità ci viene negata in un attimo per un virus…. Scegliere la vita rinunciando a tutto… Ma mai alla speranza

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