Jubilee for the Earth, the theme of the Time of Creation 2020, from 1 September the celebrations

The Time of Creation begins on September 1st, world day of prayer for the care of creation, and ends on 4 October, feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron of ecology loved by many Christian confessions, this year the chosen theme is Jubilee for the earth.
As said by Pope Francis "Let's start by looking at our relationship with the environment, everything is connected and the pandemic is also the sign of a sick world".

It appears not only for health reasons not yet explained, but also as a consequence of an unsustainable relationship with the Earth. This emergency unequivocally refers us to another serious crisis: the environmental one, which must also be faced with foresight. The last few months have highlighted the depth and breadth of the effects that climate change is having on our planet.

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Undoubtedly nothing will remain as it was before, and that is why man will have to change accordingly, to be a real keeper of his own land, which hosts him.Unfortunately, however,too often we thought we were masters and we have ruined, destroyed, polluted that harmony of living beings in which we are inserted.

Since its foundation in 2018, Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia,  luxury brand of accessories of the South Pontino, has always been eco friendly, having as its main vision the attention to the territory and the care and protection of the environment.

Precisely for the strong attention to the environment and the territory, in June 2020, Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, Presented the Crowdfunding campaign #AmolamiaTerra (see our article of 29 June 2020) in collaboration with the WWF Lazio Coast for the prevention of fires and the protection and restoration of the forest heritage.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia non-profit fundraising for WWF on the Lazio coast for fire prevention

And in full respect of the environment, and having also joined the Fashion Supply Chain for Italy Covid Emergency 19,in the matter of corporate reconversion, Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia has created a line of reusable masks, completelyMade in Italy, made with certified materials,100% organic cotton, biomedical elastics ebiodegradable nose pad. Washable and reusable over 20 times, which come with apackagingtotally made inrecycled paper, for both adults and children (see our article of 2 July 2020).

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia non-profit fundraising campaign for WWF Lazio coast #AmolamiaTerra ecological reusable masks

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