Masks: outdoors, indoors, anywhere!

Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia Blog News masks: outdoors, indoors, anywhere! mask requirement even outdoors
The mask is now a real everyday accessory, which has become mandatory even outdoors, with a few small exceptions.
It has become part of the daily outfit of each of us, an indispensable accessory for the protection of our health and the whole community.
Lisa Tibaldi Blog news use of the mask to prevent Covid 19
Now there are for all tastes and for all pockets, the doubt is always the same, which ones to choose?
Surgical, reusable, suffice reply to the indications of the circular of the Ministry of Health, and are certify.
The protocol of the Politecnico di Milano with at least 3 layers of which, the central one, made with a filter of not less than 30gr.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, during the lockdown joined the national projectFashion chain for Italy Covid-19 emergencypromoted byCNA Federmoda, Confindustria, Otello asbestos and other partners to reconvert the company in order to realize masks to support the shortage on the national territory.
Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia reconversion part of production in filter masks adhering to the project of CNA Federmoda and Unindustria # Lafilieramodaperl'italia
Now the start-up of sudpontino producesm3-star filter Ashers in hydrophobic TNT or antibacterial water repellent cotton of surgical type, with internal filter of 50gr., for the use of the community, all washable and reusable, in taglie adults and children 6-12 years, certainliverspursuant to art. 16, Paragraph 2 of the D. L. of 17/03/2020.
All models are customizable and adaptable to the needs of individuals or companies require. The enterprise is also registered at Me.Pa, register of purchases on the network, as a provider of the public administration.
Also attentive to the issues of pollution and Environmental Protection Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, (see our July 2020 article) has made embroidered filter masks, made with certified materials,100% organic cotton, rubber bands of biomedical type andbiodegradable hake. Washable and reusable over 20 times,for both adults and children, they come with apackagingtotally made inrecycled paper,.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia ecological reusable filter masks in certified organic cotton and packaging in recycled paper
Because we care about the health of everyone, even our planet!




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