School starting today: new rules for everyone's safety

To the blocks of departure theschool year, between doubts, unknown and with a single common denominator for all: the security.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog News return to school safely
From today 14 SeptemberIndeed, in many Italian regions, lessons will be taken regularly. In Lazio the councillor at the School left the principals free will.
The use of masks, for pupils over 6 years old, and social space are the two fundamental rules to be respected in all the orders of the Institutes.
The mask is held inside the school. When you are in class, with a meter away between comrades and two meters between students and professors, you can take away. The protection should be worn in the displacements, at the entrance and exit, when you go to the bathroom and in the cafeteria (you take it off when you are sitting at the table). Free face at the time you eat the meal in the courtroom (lunch box). The mask must be kept in all cases where the distance is not fulfilled in the classes.
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So, there is a bold dilemma spontaneous, which mask to choose?
The State has stated that it guarantees the free distribution of masks at school, but often it will be disposable which, as several times reported by different environmental associations and not just, (see ns. Article of 2 July 2020 Reusable masks protection and environmental protection) are highly pollutant.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Miatoday produces different3-layer filtering masks Of hydrophobic TNT reusable5/6 times or Antibacterial hydrorepellent cotton reusable 15/20 times, all of the surgical type for exclusive use of the Community, hand washable in cold water, in the sizes Adults and Children 6-12 years old, all absolutely customizable and brandishable. Some institutions have already chosen the comfort, safety and environmental protection of reusable masks which, on the contrary, are also economically beneficial.
Lisa TIbaldi Terra My blog news school security at first place with reusable cotton masks hydrorepellent/antibacterial
To be even more careful about our planet, Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, in collaboration with the Latial shoreline WWF launched a fundraiser NON PROFITTO#Amolamiaterra, where among the rewards are inserted a series of embroidered filter masks, made in Italy with certified materials. 100% Organic cotton, biomedical elastic and biodegradable hake. Lavable and reusable over 20 times, bagged in recycled paper.
Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia #AmolamiaTerra NO PROFIT fundraising in favor of WWF lithal lithal for fire prevention with ecological masks as a reward
Acquisition can be made a concrete contribution to our safety and protection of our environment.

Loving means taking care, of our loved ones, of our environment




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