Trend 2020 New Accessories for Covid-19.

2020 will remain in history for many reasons. TheEmergency Covid-19 has produced a total extravelation in our habits, in our way of thinking, of interpreting life. We are all forced to see things in a different way.

Change the Perspective.

It is no exception to the Moda. The need to introduce precautionary rules to ensure the safety of their own and others, required the use of the filtering masks to be worn during sporadic and essential exits.

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Blog Template filter to 3 layers of single use surgical type for emergency collectivity covid-19

Unfortunately, the demand for such devices has been abrupt and well above expectations, so it is difficult to supply. Not at random the two most important organizations of the waterway, CNA Federfashion and SMI System Fashion Italy, together with other partners, they have subscribed to a project Filiera Fashion for Italy-Emergence Covid-19 to which it has joined, among other enterprises, including Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, the Brand of Eco-Sustainable Fashion Accessories, made by hand 100%Made in Italy (see article From the Effimero to the Primary of March 28, 2020).


Lisa TIbaldi Terra Mia Blog_News_cover article March 28, 2020 from ' 'Effimero to the Primary Fashion at the time of the Coronavirus

In the while you have to give yourself up as you can. There are those who flash home masks made from different shapes and fabrics, who buy the few in circulation even at exorbitant prices, often at the edge of speculation, those who are biking with what they have.

A few days ago, the Lombardy Region issued an ordinance introducing "the obligation for those coming out of their homes to protect themselves and others by covering their nose and mouth with masks or even through simple headscarves and scarves" ;

Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia Collection Foulard in silk 100% Made in Itali Blog News New Accessories emergency Covid-19 masks

Considering that we go to the beautiful season and the scarf may be somewhat hot, here is how a fashion accessory such as the Foulard in silk, famously seen by the new generations as an ephemeral object for "Agées" women, suddenly becomes trendy and useful tool in the event of necessity.

"I never imagined that this accessory, which I love very much, could have a social function of such great relevance," the stylist says. Lisa Tibaldi Grassi that he has recently launched, for his Brand Lisa Tibaldi Terra Mia, the Foulard collectionin pure silk inspired by the Nature of its Terra Aurunca.

Even with the use of filtering devices, the accessory could be used to cover the disposable bezel and give that glamorous touch-style touch new romantic Calamity Jane, which helps in the mood.

Change the perspective

We nevertheless hope to return soon to use the Foulard in a thousand creative ways, leaving that on the face, however, one can only wear our best smile.




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